Safer Smiles: Oral Cancer Symptoms and Screenings

Are you familiar with the various devastating effects that oral and throat cancer can have not only on your smile but also your overall health? Time is of the essence when dealing with any cancer, so it is important to always be aware of what you can do to help receive the necessary care and… Read more »

An Extracted Tooth Might Be Replaced by a Dental Bridge

Sometimes emergency treatment of dental trauma or a case of severe tooth decay requires a skilled like Dr. to extract the affected tooth. This treatment of last resort is intended to help reduce any pain and allow the surrounding soft tissues to heal without risk of further infection. Aftercare measures might also include prescription medications… Read more »

Why Fluoride Treatment May Follow After Cosmetic Tooth Contouring

When a crack, chip, or fracture develops in a tooth, it could be at risk of greater dental damage if not treated with cosmetic tooth shaping. This procedure removes some tooth enamel to alter the appearance of the tooth, improving its shape and health. Fluoride exposure can improve the tooth enamel treated during a cosmetic… Read more »

Can a Dental Bond Help Your Smile?

If you have minor tooth damage, a dental bond may be the treatment for you. Dental bonds can repair a chipped or discolored tooth. If your tooth is poorly-shaped or there is a small gap between your teeth, a dental bond can restore the appearance of your smile. Dental bonds are not expensive and can… Read more »

The Instructions You Need to Properly Floss

Did you know it’s possible to perform an incorrect flossing routine? Well, it’s true. Improperly flossing can do more harm than good, which is why our , Dr. , encourages you to focus on your flossing technique and use the proper steps. To help you do so, has some tips to share, which are: -Use… Read more »

Proper Techniques for a Top-Notch Brushing Routine

Do you want a top-notch brushing routine so you can have a top-notch smile? If so, our , Dr. , is happy to help you. Today, would be happy to give you the tips you need to have a proper and effective brushing routine. Having an improper technique can harm your teeth and gums more… Read more »

A Concise and Comprehensive Explanation of Dental Crowns

Dental crowns can cap a damaged or unattractive teeth to improve the function and appearance of your smile, and they may best the best possible option for your teeth if you have suffered tooth decay or an intense cosmetic flaw. We are pleased to provide an in-depth review of dental crowns in which we address… Read more »

Year-End Smile Upgrades: Tooth Restorations

If you have any impairments with your smile, now it’s the best time to have it treated. What better way to start a new year than with a beautiful smile. Tooth restoration treatments are highly effective for repairing damage to teeth and giving you the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Effective treatment offers to consider… Read more »

Mistakes That People Often Make When Whitening Their Teeth

Are your teeth stained or discolored? Do you ever feel embarrassed, or even ashamed, to show off your smile? Teeth whitening may be the solution! Some great ways to whiten your teeth include coming to our office for an in-office treatment or for a take-home whitening kit. We suggest that you always check with Dr…. Read more »

How Risk-Free Are Oral Piercings in Your Smile?

Oral piercings are increasingly popular fashion accents, similar to earrings. But piercings on the tongue, cheeks, and lips are riskier than those in the ears. This is because your mouth has millions of bacteria living in it, which increases your odds of infection from a piercing. Some of the risks you are inviting in addition… Read more »