We know that having one or more missing teeth can significantly affect your health, your smile, and your confidence, which is why we provide a number of effective tooth replacement options. For those who are missing all or most of their natural teeth, removable complete or partial dentures may be the best option. One of the best things about complete and partial dentures is that they are made to look like your natural teeth, so not only will you be able to eat, chew, and speak like you did before losing teeth, you will also be able to smile with a newfound confidence.

Complete dentures and partials have many benefits, which include:

  • Replacing complete tooth loss on an arch (complete dentures)
  • Replacing partial tooth loss on an arch (partial dentures)
  • Improving your ability to eat and speak normally
  • Preventing the loss of facial volume
  • Enhancing and completing your beautiful smile


Both complete and partial dentures can be created and placed over the course of several visits to our office. During your first appointment, Dr. Robert Marder will take impressions of your teeth and various measurements that will be used to fabricate your custom dentures. You may also try on some wax or plastic models of dentures for additional fit information. Once we have all the measurements and information needed, our dentist will work with a state-of-the-art laboratory to create your custom denture.

You will return to our office once more to receive the final denture in New City, New York. Dr. Robert Marder will place your custom dentures and then, if necessary, make any adjustments for a more comfortable and functional fit.

Dentures Consultation

When in place, your dentures will restore the beauty and function of your smile so you can live life normally once again. If you are missing one or more teeth, why not give our office a call to learn more about dentures and our other tooth replacement options. With many years of experience providing high-quality dentistry, Dr. Robert Marder can help you discover if dentures or another treatment, such as dental implants, are right for you.