Do you want to straighten your smile without the hassle of traditional braces? Ask our dentist and team about Invisalign® clear aligners in New City, New York. Contact Robert W Marder DMD, PLLC at 212-265-8291 today to learn more and get started with Dr. Robert Marder. Our entire team is excited to help you smile with confidence.

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign treatment uses a series of customized, plastic trays that fit your teeth but gently move them into their optimal position. When you begin treatment, you will meet with our dentist, and we will visualize what your new smile will look like. We will then create a series of aligners that you will wear sequentially until you have achieved your new smile.

The advantages of Invisalign treatment are huge. First, they are discreet, meaning you do not have to be anxious about showing off a mouthful of metal at events or spending time with friends and family. Second, they are more comfortable than braces, which means you can focus on your life rather than your mouth. And finally, the trays are removable, allowing you to eat, speak, smile, and brush and floss completely normally. Your life does not have to be interrupted as you work on your new smile!

If you are interested in learning more and getting started on your new smile, contact our office and set up a consultation with our dentist today!