Root canal therapy becomes necessary when the teeth become significantly affected by infection, damage, or decay. As part of your root canal treatment, Dr. Robert Marder will remove the pulp, nerves, and bacteria inside of the tooth, along with any decayed areas, and replaces them with special medicated dental materials. These will help restore the tooth and its function.

Our dentist will often recommend root canal treatment over extracting (pulling) the tooth for several reasons. Unlike extractions, which can cause future problems with teeth shifting in the mouth and creating a bad bite, root canal treatments allow you to keep your natural teeth without causing additional problems. In the end, root canal therapy is usually the most effective and reliable option for maintaining your oral health and function.

Thanks to modern technology and techniques, Dr. Robert Marder can provide you with a comfortable treatment in just one or two visits to our office. He will gently remove the affected areas and then fill and seal the tooth. In many cases, a protective dental crown will be placed over the treated tooth to give you the best possible aesthetics and function.

We know that you deserve high-quality, comfortable care, which is why all of our root canals in New City, New York, are performed by Dr. Robert Marder, who has advanced training in many areas of dentistry. If you are living in dental pain, call us today to receive the care you need. With root canal therapy, we can save your tooth and help you live a comfortable life once again!