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What have you heard about cavities? Are you aware that cavities are a serious issue that you should have treated as soon as you can? Would you be interested in learning that cavities are pretty common, or that several people actually have cavities but don’t realize it? It is always best to have a cavity treated as soon as possibly can, but do you know how you can recognize a cavity?

There are many symptoms you can look for, including brown or black stains or a hole in your smile, but the pain is typically the first symptom you will notice. This is because the molars in the back of your mouth are harder to reach and to clean, which makes them more susceptible to cavities. Since most cavities form on the back teeth, you’ll probably notice pain before you see holes in your teeth.

Again, please remember to have cavities filled as soon as you can. If you don’t, your cavity will keep spreading. If a cavity isn’t addressed as quickly as it could be, you might need more extensive treatments, such as root canal therapy.

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