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Are you aware of all the benefits that mouthwash can provide for your smile? Because mouthwash can be a highly effective cleaning tool, it can be used in tandem with brushing and flossing routines on a daily basis to help protect your teeth and gums. However, whereas cosmetic mouthwash products are only designed to temporarily control or reduce issues associated with halitosis, in order to reduce the buildup of plaque, gingivitis, cavities or bad breath, you may need to use a therapeutic mouthwash.

Therapeutic mouthwash may be highly effective in situations where you need a supplemental cleaning tool to clean out your mouth when brushing and flossing tools are not easily available. Oftentimes after eating, your teeth are extra sensitive and are prone to dental abrasion. By using a cleaning utensil such as mouthwash, you can adequately take care of your teeth and gums. For a traditional level of oral healthcare beyond your daily cleaning routine, you want to make sure that you’re visiting our dentist for professional cleanings every six months.

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