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Are you familiar with the various devastating effects that oral and throat cancer can have not only on your smile but also your overall health? Time is of the essence when dealing with any cancer, so it is important to always be aware of what you can do to help receive the necessary care and treatments as soon as possible. Catching oral cancer is pivotal to your overall recovery success, so always look for signs and symptoms that it may be present. If you believe that oral cancer is present, visit your dentist for a screening as soon as possible.

To help keep your smile safe, it’s important to always be aware of the common risk factors that can often arise with oral cancer. However, it is equally important that oral cancer is treated in time. To help improve your chance of recovery if oral cancer is present, always routinely inspect your mouth for any signs or visible indications that it may be present. Visual clues can often arise in the form of speckled patches inside your mouth, unexplained bleeding, the presence of sores that will not go away, oral inflammation, lumps are bumps, or other irregular markings within your mouth, head, neck and face areas.

If you notice routine pains or a loss of feeling of any area within your facial zones, it could be linked to oral and throat cancer. This includes chronic sore throat, a feeling of numbness or loss of pain or conversely, the feeling of extreme pain, difficulties eating, chewing, or speaking properly, rotations and changes within your mouth, large amounts of weight loss that have no other reasonable explanation and a change in your voice.

Do you feel confident in your knowledge about oral and throat cancer? With an oral cancer screening from Robert W Marder DMD, PLLC, we can make sure you receive the oral health care you need. If you wish to schedule an appointment to visit us at our dental office in New City, New York, Dr. Robert Marder and our team can be reached by calling us at 212-265-8291.