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When a crack, chip, or fracture develops in a tooth, it could be at risk of greater dental damage if not treated with cosmetic tooth shaping. This procedure removes some tooth enamel to alter the appearance of the tooth, improving its shape and health. Fluoride exposure can improve the tooth enamel treated during a cosmetic tooth contouring treatment to further enhance your smile.

If your tooth has received significant dental work in the past or has suffered damage so severe that further treatment would expose the dentin or pulp layer, Dr. Robert Marder may place a cosmetic dental crown over the tooth instead of performing dental contouring.

After the tooth enamel is treated with the contouring procedure, our dentist may determine that fluoride treatment such as a concentrated fluoride toothpaste or professional procedure is needed to build up the enamel layer. The mineral density that makes up the enamel can become less vulnerable to tooth decay after being exposed to fluoride. Treatment with fluoride strengthens tooth enamel enough that it is less at risk for cavities and more likely to protect the tooth for a lifetime.

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